My Own VBAC Story (Part 2)

For the past two weeks before my labor day, I’ve been experiencing false labor, noticeable contractions but no regular intervals. I was talking to my baby and telling him/her (I didn’t know the gender yet) to come out already so we can go back to our hometown the soonest, but I guess the baby has his/her own plans. True enough, two days before my 40th week, I went into spontaneous labor.

Cathy at 39 weeks


I was getting a bit discouraged that my baby hasn’t come out yet, but since this is the day I was scheduled to have my checkup, I decided to go. However I found that my doctor won’t be in till lunchtime, so my husband suggested that I take yoga class first to kill time and to get some needed stretch exercises. Good thing I did because I had a great time. My yoga teacher was sympathetic of my situation and taught me some labor positions and exercises. She even gave me a bonus—a foot massage, which I welcomed so much since I have been walking a lot for the past weeks just to jumpstart labor. After the class, my yoga teacher wished me luck and told me to come back on Wednesday just in case I won’t give birth yet. She was so sweet, but I told her I’m determined to give birth so I’ll make sure I won’t be going back on Wednesday, then I headed to my doctor for checkup.

When I saw my doctor, she was a bit surprised to see me. She said she thought I already gave birth since I skipped my checkups for the past two weeks. I told her I got busy with yoga and other activities, but honestly, I just didn’t want to wait for long in the clinic with the rest of the pregnant women for another checkup, although I was diligently monitoring the movement of my baby the whole time. She then proceeded to give me an internal examination, the first I ever had during the whole duration of this pregnancy. I was delighted to find out that I was already 3-4 cm and 80% effaced. My doctor said if I won’t go into labor tonight, I have to undergo a stress test for the baby two days after. I was very glad as I was going home. I remembered to stop by the hospital to get the admission form so I won’t have to do that during labor time.

prenatal yoga helped me to be more flexible and allowed me block off the chatters in my mind

That afternoon, I was more inspired to do my walking schedule. I thought it might just be my last walking schedule.

Dinnertime, I was already feeling some regular but bearable contractions. My husband noticed that I was a bit edgy, not knowing that I was already in early labor at that time. I didn’t want to tell him yet since the contractions were still far apart. I was starting to time the contractions then. Around 11:30 PM, the contractions were already 7-8 minutes apart with a minute duration. My husband asked me whether we should be doing labor exercises to speed things along, but I told him we just get some rest for the meantime. I didn’t want to go to the hospital so early in labor the same as my second childbirth.


It was around 1 AM that I woke up and felt strong contractions already. I timed the contractions, and I found that they were 1-2 minutes apart. I hurriedly put some makeup on in between labor exercises (I want to look nice in my VBAC photos lol). I was getting excited. I thought, “This is it! There’s no turning back now!” After an hour, I went downstairs to get some hot chocolate and toast to give me that needed energy for labor. I then woke up my husband, who was snoring by now. He then asked me if I was really sure the contractions were real. I told him yes and that we needed to get to the hospital already.

So he prepared our stuff while I ate my snacks. When we went down, we found out that the extra car wasn’t in the garage. (We were living with my friends then, and their other car was borrowed by a family member.) I wanted to panic, but I just had to focus on the strong contraction coming. As I was doing my pelvic rocking against the wall, I thought, “Oh God, can I do this?” I told my husband ahead of time that if ever I would come to a point that I would doubt myself, he has to remind me that I can. He did just that while kneading his knuckles into my back. This relieved me a lot.

During my short rest, the taxi arrived. It was already 3:00 AM. The trip to the hospital was uneventful. I was doing my deep breathing during contractions. I was aware that the contractions are getting stronger and stronger. I knew that my baby’s birth was near.

When we arrived at the hospital, we went straight to the emergency room. Since I filled up the necessary form last night, my husband just handed it to the nurse, and then I was escorted to the labor room right away. The staff wanted me to use the wheelchair going up as it was hospital protocol, but I refused his offer. He told me I have to follow the rules, to which I impatiently answered that I can walk myself up to the labor room. He can’t do anything but give in.

On my way to the labor room, I was stopping once in awhile to do pelvic rocking during contractions. I was glad when we finally reached the OB wing. I then changed to the hospital gown and went inside to be checked. My husband was still in the changing room, waiting for his scrubs. I was so relieved to find out that I was already 8 cm and 100% effaced. The nurses told me that it will just be a little while before I give birth, so I have to go to the delivery room while they call my doctor.

I then asked for the birthing ball. That’s where I labored while waiting for the delivery room to be ready. When I asked for water, the nurse told me that I couldn’t take anymore liquid. I then told them that I have submitted a birth plan, which my doctor approved. They hurriedly looked for it and found out my history and my preferences. It was during this time that my husband came to the hall where I was. He gave me water, which I gulped down because I was super thirsty.

Labor Day

Using the birthing ball made labor all the more easier

It was already 4-4:30 PM then, and the contractions were coming one on top of the other. I went on all fours on the hospital floor to be able to bear it. I was already crying a bit because it was getting uncomfortable. I wanted to push already, but my doctor hasn’t arrived yet. Finally, when she arrived, the delivery room was also ready for double setup (in case I needed to have another C-section).

My doctor told them they will just put the IV, then she will check me if I was ready to push. But the nurse who was putting the IV was having a hard time looking for my vein. It took her five tries before she successfully did it. (I had hematoma on my left arm because of this, and the bruising didn’t go away until after 3 weeks.) Meantime, I was already having a hard time coping with the strong contractions. My doctor had to remind me to focus and do deep breathing, but my semi-reclined position was preventing me to labor; and since she hasn’t checked me, I wasn’t allowed to push yet. This was the most challenging time for me.

When the IV was in placed and my doctor checked that I was 10 cm, my work started. It was technically my first time to give birth naturally, so I had to find my way. I had to think what to do: breathe in, hold breath, then push. First two tries I felt I didn’t do anything to push the baby down, but my doctor was so encouraging. She told me to do deep breathing and that the baby was going down.

On my third push, my doctor told me she can already see my baby’s head. That gave me strength. I pushed as hard as I can on my fourth try. She then told me that my baby’s head is bulging. All the more I was encouraged. I mustered all my strength and courage to push my baby out, not a single moment thinking of my scar or uterine rupture. I was so focused to give birth to my baby. On my fifth push, my baby literally flew out I didn’t have a chance to experience the so-called ring of fire nor was I able to hold his head like in most VBAC stories I have read. As a result I had a third-degree tear. I was in high energy during this time. I was shouting “Oh my God! Baby, I love you. I love you.” Funny thing was since I didn’t know my baby’s gender, I had to stop marveling about just what happened and asked, “Is this a boy or a girl?” Then I lifted my baby to confirm his gender. I have a bouncing baby boy at 7.7 lbs, my biggest baby so far! My husband, who was equally overjoyed for the outcome, cut the cord (for the first time). It was such a precious moment for me to know that he was able to do this for my son. It was a fulfillment of what I could consider a perfect childbirth.

First Glimpse

Falling in love all over again

While I was kind of distracted, my doctor didn’t waste time to repair my tear. Although my attention was with the baby as I tried to put him to my breast, I could still feel the pain of the suturing. Little by little, my energy began to get drained, and I was starting to feel tired. All the pushing was definitely hard work. It took an hour for the tear to be repaired, and when it was finally done, I was wheeled to the recovery room where I was observed for another hour. All the nurses who passed by knew that I attempted a VBA2C and successfully did it. I was first VBA2C case in that hospital. The nurses were in awe and congratulated me for a job well done.

The sun was just rising, and I was just lying there, all the time grateful for my life and the opportunity to birth a new life into this world–naturally. To me it was pure bliss. I was also grateful for all the people who supported me. I have a reason to believe that indeed choosing the right care provider and support system is a big factor in having a successful VBAC. Definitely, if my doctor didn’t believe I can do it, this story would have ended differently. Of course, I have to believe in myself and my body that I can do it. For us, it was the most perfect birth, the birth we have always wanted for our family.

My VBA2C Baby

For six years, I’ve been wanting to write this story, and the universe has allowed me to finally do it through my third baby. It took a lot of courage to really go for VBA2C even if the odds were against me. However, this day definitely marks a milestone for me. It is an event that will forever be etched in my memory. Truly, there is no impossible thing in this world. My baby will always be a reminder to me to take risk and have the courage and faith that all things will work out for good.


About themilklady

a mother of 4 wonderful kids. a social entrepreneur. an advocate of natural childbirth, VBAC, and breast-feeding.
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  1. Christine says:

    Congratulations, Catherine! It is great that you are getting the word out, that it CAN BE DONE! Blessings to you and your family!

  2. themilklady says:

    Submitted on 2012/01/12 at 3:11 pm
    Congratulations, Catherine! It is great that you are getting the word out, that it CAN BE DONE! Blessings to you and your family!

    • themilklady says:

      Thanks, Christine, for leaving a comment. It’s great to connect even if we haven’t met personally. I can feel the love and support though we’re miles apart. It can be done, indeed!

  3. wow 🙂 it was really nice of you to send me this blog entry, cathy. by the way, is it ok for me to share and post this on my fb…who knows maybe someone in my friends list is wishing for a natural childbirth just like you but still needs a lot of encouragement…im sure your blog entries will do her a lot of good…God bless you and your family!

    • themilklady says:

      Sure, Joi. That is really the purpose why I wanted to share my story to you–you might know somebody who has the same concern. I’m very willing to correspond with anybody who has questions about VBAC or natural childbirth. It’s my way of giving back to the universe for everything good that has happened to me the past year, especially with my childbirth. Share!

      • Fazzilet says:

        Im planning to have a VBAC after my last 2 CS.Im looking for an OB that is supportive of VBAC..May I ask who is your OB in Davao City..Help!!I was so frustrated with my previous OB.My first baby was a natural birth but my last 2 was CS.HELP!HELP!

      • themilklady says:

        Hi, sorry for super late response. my daughter had measles so was quite busy. yes, i do understand your frustration. i went through that phase as well. my OB here in davao is Dr. Estuart. So far since I gave birth through VBA2C, she has assisted two of my friends who also had VBA2C (Grace) and VBAC (Dailyn). I love the way she supports the mommy and how open she is to the idea. Are you in Davao too? Please don’t hesitate to contact me in case you need more info. Thanks and God bless!

      • Fazzilet says:

        Hi.Thanks for replying.I hope your daughter is well now..We have a house in Davao City.May I ask the address of the clinic?

      • themilklady says:

        hi, my daughter is well na. btw, dr. estuart’s clinic is in quirino. you might consider coming here to davao since you have a house here:). you can contact me if you’re coming. thanks!

  4. Alex says:

    Cathy!!! This is most inspiring!!! Thank you for sharing this!!!

    • themilklady says:

      Hi Alex,

      Thanks for reading. You are one of the reasons why this VBAC happened–you introduced me to Dr. Estuart:) Thanks for everything. You’ll always have a special place in my heart!

  5. Jenny says:

    great post! got to here through Alex! natural birth is indeed empowering and I’m glad you found an OB to support you!!

    • themilklady says:

      Thanks, Jenny. It was really a tough decision. I found a supportive care provider in Davao, so we had to decide to relocate temporarily for 1 and a half months for my childbirth and postnatal care. But it was all worth it! Natural childbirth is really life changing!

  6. Alex says:

    Cathy, you are most generous. Thank you. The same goes here. Let me know when you are coming to Davao.

  7. cai says:

    Oh my! Such an inspiring story! What’s the age gap between your 2nd and 3rd baby? I also want VBAC but after reading your blog, I’m partly scared haha! I want to experience natural birth also sana with my 2nd baby.

    • themilklady says:

      Hi, thanks for reading my story. My 1st and 2nd babies were 4 years apart, while my 2nd and 3rd were less than 2 years apart. We wanted have at least 4-5 years space with my 1st and 2nd babies to “heal” the wound, but based on my research, a lot of women conceive 1-2 years after their CS operation and yet have a successful VBAC. It’s really up to you. Why were you scared after reading my blog hehehe?

      • cai says:

        Haha! Scared because of the tear. I have to talk to my husband about this. It’s just I was hoping there’s a VBAC OB here in Manila so I don’t have to relocate.

        I was disappointed during with my first because I was so looking forward to the labor pains, the pushing and all that, just to end up on a CS delivery. Hehe!

  8. themilklady says:

    Hi Cai, You have to scout around for a supportive OB as early as now. If you don’t feel you’re going to get the support that you need and deserve, keep looking. I sure hope there’s one in Manila. I got my first CS in Medical City:(

    Don’t be afraid of the tear or even of what they say uterine rupture. The tear down there is definitely better than the cut on the tummy. It only takes 2 weeks to heal compared to the surgery wound that takes more than a month with other side effects.

    Regarding disappointments of the first childbirth, that’s something you have to settle that with yourself. I think that’s key to having a successful VBAC. I’m coming up with another article on that–“Coming Full Circle, Healing Wounds of the Past.” Watch out for it:)

    • cai says:

      Thanks! 🙂

      I’m definitely looking for a VBAC supportive OB!

      • Pari says:

        Hi Cathy, thanks for this blog and hats off to your guts and instincts to go for VBA2C…I am looking for VBAC supportive OB here in Manila. We just moved into Manila and I am in my 24th week. After reading successful VBAC successful stories, I think I am fully prepared to experience one but I still did not find any supportive OB for this. Please let me know if you know anyone in Manila.
        Hi Cai, hope you are doing fine. Please let me also know if you find any supportive OB for VBAC.
        Thanks, Pari

      • themilklady says:

        Hi Pari, Thanks for reading my blog:) It’s really to inspire mothers/women like you who advocate natural childbirth. You are not alone in this journey.

        Regarding your concern, I texted my OB here in Davao if she knows one, perhaps a friend, in Manila who supports VBAC. I will let you know as soon as she replies. Meantime, I suggest you ask around, interview possible OBs. Don’t settle with one right away until you are at peace that your OB will really support you all the way. What do I mean “all the way”? It means that the OB will be your partner in this journey, not the one’s who is going to dictate you what to do and what not to do. Some doctors would say yes to VBAC but will want you to a have a “cinderella” VBAC, meaning you should give birth on your 38th-40th week or else, you should weigh only this much or else, your husband can’t go inside the delivery room, etc. That was what happened with my 3rd OB in Cebu. I felt so restricted. It was with my 4th OB that I finally had peace, and I’m glad I listened to my intuition. Definitely, it was worth the time and effort.

        Hope this helps. Will get back to you soon!

        Enjoy your pregnancy:)

      • Pari says:

        Hi Cathy, thanks much for your immediate response and the plan of action. I would wait for your inputs. I met an OB already but I am not convinced with the consultation. So I am asking people around, meeting more OB’s coming weeks, reading more on VBAC’s..but I am more afraid, concerned and in dicy situation of OB’s giving false promises and as you say, finally end up having “cindrella” VBAC !! 😦 I jus hope i go with my gut feeling and true intuitions in trusting an OB. I jus hope that everything goes smooth and get a good supportive OB soon as I do not want to take any stress or tension in the last weeks of my pregnanacy. All your words realy gave me courage to listen to our own voice. Also would be obliged if I can get some info on prenatal classes, yoga classes, (kegels or pilates)and exercises to keep myself fit. Thanks again, Pari

      • themilklady says:

        hi pari,

        yes, i’m waiting for my OB’s response. will make a follow up later this week. in the meantime, it will be helpful if you make a journal and write your thoughts, your intentions, especially focusing on the positive things you want to happen during your childbirth. see it like a movie in your mind. i find this exercise really helpful. i imagined my baby coming out gently and quickly. i also imagined that my husband val will be beside me, and it really came true. also, affirmations helped. everyday, i told myself, “my baby is a miracle, my body is a miracle, and i am grateful.” aside from this, i talked to my baby and told him my request that he cooperate with me during childbirth:).

        in manila, i took prenatal classes (during my first childbirth) with rome kanapi, but she will take you in her class when you are on your 7th month. you can take up prenatal yoga. it’s an opportunity for you to do some stretches and make new friends as well:)

        enjoy your pregnancy! it’s a gift:)

      • themilklady says:

        Hi Pari,

        Please try to contact Dr. Stella Jose (09178900724). My OB was the one who gave this number. Thanks.

  9. Legally Mama says:

    I am more than ecstatic to have come across this site (through one of the comments in

    I am a first time mother and I have exerted all efforts to prepare for a natural birth. But as fate would have it, I was cut up, much to my frustration. (I gave a brief story of my frustration here I would have wanted to feel the empowerment of natural child birth. And I really wanted to have a VBAC. But I don’t know how to go about it (not that I am pregnant again!) So seeing your blog got my hopes up! I will browse through your entries and I hope to be able to emulate your courage and success story.

    • themilklady says:

      Hi Legally Mama,

      So nice to hear that my story has inspired you to courageously consider VBAC. I think it was one of the best decisions I did in my entire life. Every time I hold my VBAC baby, he always reminds me of all the infinite possibilities life has to offer…if only we dare to take risks. That’s why I named him Napoleon, because Napoleon Bonaparte struck the word “impossible” in France, at least in his dictionary hehe. BTW, I started researching on the topic even before I was preggy with my third baby; in fact, the moment I gave birth to my second child via CS, I still wanted to give birth naturally. That’s why I read a lot of VBAC stories and got connected to other women abroad who did VBAC successfully. Here in the Philippines it’s not yet well accepted and well documented. Hope this blog will help inform and empower women that VBA2C is so possible! God bless!

  10. joy says:

    two thumbs up!!! very inspiring. proud to be mom by natural birthing. let us advocate breastfeeding as weel.

  11. Tracy says:

    hi. i am already 38 weeks pregnant and from the very beginning of this pregnancy, i’ve already wanted to have a vbac. i’ve been seeing two doctors alternately so that i could have a “back-up” just in case one of them doesn’t pull through with their promise to support me in my quest. and guess what, now that i am almost at my due date, both of them did. one said that she’s afraid my scar won’t hold up to the pressure of labor and the other one said that i really am a hopeless case for natural birth because the results of my pelvimetry was below normal. meaning: repeat cs on both counts.

    i read part 1 of your post and you mentioned that for your second baby, you reached 9 cm but had to undergo cs nonetheless. was the reason same as mine – dysfunctional labor/ arrest of cervical dilatation? i really hope you’d still be able to reply to my comment before i give birth.

    congratulations on your vbac.

    • themilklady says:

      hi tracy, i’m so sorry you have to face this kind of stress now that you’re almost ready to give birth. you should be relaxing by now, ready to welcome your baby.

      for me, the key to having a successful vbac is a supportive OB. what happened with my 2nd childbirth was that, my OB used scare tactics on me. she told me my baby’s heartbeat stopped and the nurses in the labor room were convincing to go for CS because my uterus might rupture. because of fear that my baby might be in danger, i gave in to having another CS. however, given an hour or two, i believe i would have had a VBAC then.

      that was why i really researched if VBA2C (VBAC after 2 CS) was possible. And i read a lot of successful VBA2C stories online to increase my belief in myself and in my body. when i found the right OB, the right hospital, i knew all will be well, even after i had my 2nd and last ultrasound showing that my scar was thin (supposedly it should be 5mm to make it “safe” for natural childbirth; mine is 3.3mm, meaning it was thin). my OB didn’t scare me or wasn’t scared of uterine rupture. she said it doesn’t really determine a successful/failed VBAC. however, i really asked for my OB’s assurance that she can make an emergency CS in 3-5minutes just in case, and she said yes. so when i went into labor, my only focus was to birth my baby naturally.

      are you here in the philippines? would love to talk to you over the phone. if you have more questions, feel free to email me again.


      • tracy says:

        thanks for the reply, cathy. i’m happy to tell you that i was able to find an OB who was supportive of me having a vbac. i found her thru an article she reviewed for a website which had a note in her profile that said does “vbac in selected cases.”

        this time i feel confident that at least i would be given a chance for a trial of labor and was not told to just opt for a cs right away. she did not give me the ultimatum that i have to give birth by 40 weeks or else. i would also be allowed to walk around, squat, etc… during labor. so we will have intermittent rather than continuous electronic fetal monitoring. however, i will have a heplock inserted in case of an emergency. and as much as possible, she told me that i should hold off on the epidural for as long as i can since this could affect the progress of my labor. she said all these and wrote these down in my admitting orders without any prodding from me.

        btw, i’m also from the philippines. how do i get in touch with you?

      • themilklady says:

        wow, tracy, i’m sooo happy for you. it’s such a blessing to find a supportive OB. in your case, someone who will allow you enough room to follow what your body dictates you to do during labor, like moving around, doing squat positions, etc. it is also good that you can have intermittent electronic fetal monitoring. this will really ensure that you won’t be staying in bed during labor. also, please note that epidurals are really not advisable for mothers who want to go vbac because the real objective here is for you to have the sensation to push. for me, the contractions really empowered me to push my baby out. after 5 pushes, my baby literally flew out of my birth canal hehe. anyway, i pray that your childbirth will really go well as you wish it will be. as you a nearing your due date, just continue to go inward and find your peace in all that was. accepting the past allows you to see the beauty of the present:)


        ps will pm you my contact details:)

  12. arcydein says:

    Hi this very nice blog .. I’m also pregnant and I’m about 22 weeks .. My first baby was a ceasarian section and I really want having a vbac to deliver my baby , but sad to say hindi pa ako makahanap ng OB to support my me 😦 .. Yung isang OB sinabi niya agad na maliit ng sipit sipitan ko and baka daw mag uterine rupture pa ako .. I hope I could find a OB who will support me and kung anong dapat kong diet para hindi lumaki si baby .. Meron kaba sis na mairerecomend sa akin here at manila ? Thank you ..

    • themilklady says:

      Hi, thanks for taking time to read it. My dream is for women who had C-section be inspired to go for VBAC (if the first childbirth didn’t have medical complications to start with). In my case, it was because of meconium stain, and my OB thought it was best for the baby. Anyway, that’s the reason why you need to find a supportive OB who can assess your case in an objective point of view and not just because she is scared of a lawsuit or worse case scenario. If you’re in Manila, please try contacting Dr. Stella Jose (09178900724). My OB here in Davao gave me this no. I pray that you’ll find the right OB for you. Keep in touch! Cathy

  13. Mae says:

    Hi Ms. Cathy. Congrats on your vba2c!
    Your blog helps me a lot on realizing that vbac could be possible.
    As of the moment I am on my 31st week and yesterday I have my prenatal check up and have the time to talk with my ob for possibilities of successful vbac or if not an emergency cs. After our talk, na confuse ko coz she told me that I should give birth before my 40th week and if I will be 5cm na it will be timed to 3 hours if dli pa mo saka emergency cs dayon but positive man pud cya na kaya ra nko as the baby is currently okay and on the right position and weight. Before this, I just thought all the while na mag vbac jud ko but after ato na talk namu mao naconfuse na jud noon ko plus my mama and cuzin also advice me na magrepeat cs nlng kay mahadlok pud cla. Mao I research now and landed on your blog. Btw, this is my 2nd pregnancy, the first one with the same ob parin and c-section because of fetal distress in Chong hua here in cebu.
    Napataas comment ko. hehehe Hope to have insights from you very soon.
    Thanks and Godbless you and your family!

    – Mae

    • themilklady says:

      Hi Mae,

      Thank you for taking time to read my story. Totally understand where you are coming from, especially knowing you’re from Cebu. I can totally relate. That’s the reason why I had to fly to Davao and find a supportive OB and hospital here. Nothing against OBs in Cebu, but I just felt restricted. I felt I needed to follow rules, instead of letting the natural course of things flow. That’s what happened in my second CS. I thought I could trust my OB, but on the day itself, she told me the same thing. If I won’t progress every hour, I will have CS. But even if I did progress, she still found reasons for me to fail my VBAC. In the end, I had my CS. That’s why, even before my third pregnancy, I researched on VBA2C because I was really determined to go for it. My mother and sister were also asking me if I was really sure with my decision. I was very determined, and my husband was very supportive as well. Of course, personally, natural childbirth comes with a lot of positive benefits. For me, it was one of the best experiences I ever had. I was super ecstatic when my baby boy came out. He was on my tummy right away, with all the goo and blood, and during the first few minutes, I was just holding him and crying at the same time. I even breast-fed him for awhile before I finally fell asleep . . . and this I didn’t experience during my first two childbirth. If there is no medical reason why the C-section should be performed, I will go for natural childbirth. I made this clear with my OB from the very start.I pray that you will find it in your heart the peace in your decision. Meantime, read, read, read. There are a lot of successful VBAC stories/videos online. You can gather strength from these women who, in spite of all the discouragements they faced, push through with their decisions and emerged victorious. You are not alone:) We’re here for you.

      All the best,

  14. Parineetha says:

    Hi Cathy, I had successful VBAC finally on Nov 18th 2012 @ SLMC by my most supportive, trusted Dr. Christine Tantoco…She is just wonderful and against all odds, slight complications she still tried and supported me for normal delivery and here i am with a successful VBAC…so positivity, empowerment, adventurous, challenging the whole experience…You are my inspiration and i am so thankful for all the help and support extended to me….Thanks again!!! 🙂

    • themilklady says:

      Wow, Pari, thanks for making me part of your experience. I’m so honored to have been your inspiration. Would love to hear more of your VBAC story so we may inspire more women that they can also do it! What’s the name of your baby girl? Take care always. Happy breast-feeding:)

      • Grace cruz says:

        Hi milk lady! I red ur story.. Rily inspiring.. I had an emergency cs las nov. 5 with my 1st preg at 28 weeks due to plcenta preavia., unfortunately my baby didnt make it… 2 days lng cia nabuhay… Im n so mch pain ryt now.. I want vbac on my 2nd preg.pero ciempre matagal pa un n praying na sana walang cmplication.. Nabuhayan ako ng loob ng mabasa ko story mo… Thank u for sharing dis.. Godblessyou n ur family…

      • themilklady says:

        Hi Grace,

        My warmest sympathies to you and your family. I can’t begin to imagine the pain you are feeling right now, but I’m grateful that you have open yourself up by sharing this to me. We just lost a family member recently as well, and though it’s not my child, it’s still painful, and that’s why I can relate. Anyway, if you’re planning for a VBAC, we can talk more about it, though I’m telling you that placenta previa is quite a challenge. I’m not saying it’s not possible (who am I?), but it might pose as a challenge. But know that all things work together for good. Just take your time. If you need someone to correspond to regarding your experience, you can always email me again. Take care. God bless.

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  16. mermie says:

    Hi! I’m on my second baby right now, and I want to have a VBAC also. My ob told me that I am a possible candidate for it, but she told me to eat less so that the baby will weigh less.. I am now thinking if is it possible for me ta have VBAC? I underwent CS with my first child due to cord coil and that my Ob told me that my first baby was too big for me, since she weighed 7.8 lbs.Another thing that I am confused by now is that my scar from previous cs is very itchy by now. I was amazed and uplifted with your story. Hope that I will be able to deliver my 2nd baby naturally. 🙂

    • themilklady says:

      hi mermie,

      thanks for dropping my site. it’s my joy to be able to share my story to women who want to opt for VBAC. are you here in davao? we can meet to talk more about the possibility of you having a vbac. i understand you have several concerns. i felt the same way, but i just knew in my heart that it’s possible. good thing you’re OB was the one who encouraged you to consider vbac. some OBs will right away recommend a CS. to encourage you all the more, my vbac baby was the biggest of all—7.7 lbs. i’m not saying that you eat as much as you want hehe:) what i’m saying is having a big baby doesn’t necessarily equate to CS. but having a successful vbac takes a lot of preparation—mind, body, and spirit. it’s like joining a marathon:) it’s more than just “hoping.” i can assist you with that, if you want. i just want you to know that it can be done:) take care!

  17. mermie says:

    Another thing that I am worried about is that I had a traditional cut. Do you think I can deliver my second baby normally? I’m a little confused by this.. Hope you can help me… Though your blog was really an inspiring one! 🙂

  18. mermie says:

    Hi miss Cathy! I’m here in Cebu. But I am really hoping that at least you can share your insights with me 🙂 is it okay with you Miss Cathy if we exchange numbers? I just need someone really to boost my spirit! 🙂 Hope that I can really do this just like you 🙂

  19. summer says:

    Hi Cathy, your story is very inspiring. I’ve been searching for vba2c stories here in the Philippines and yours is the only one I can find. I’m currently on my 3rd pregnancy with my first 2 being delivered by c/s. The reason for the first c/s is “hindi bumababa ang baby ko” while the 2nd c/s is just because I already had c/s before. It is only now that I learned that I delivered my first baby at 38 weeks (not even full term!). When I went to my OB this time around and told her I want to try for vba2c, she gave me a big “NO”. I was crushed. I looked for another OB and the one that I talked to has had experience with vbac but not vba2c. While she didn’t outright say no, she was a bit reserved in doing a vba2c. She requested to see my c/s operative technique and at the same time check my scar via ultrasound. Oh well, I don’t know if there’s an OB here in Manila who will be stronly supportive of a vbA2C. I’ll just take what I can get for now and hope for the best.

    • themilklady says:

      Hi Summer:) One of the mommies who had a successful VBAC gave birth in Manila. Her OB was Dr. Christine Tantonco of St. Luke’s. I suggest you keep in touch with her. She might be able to help. I strongly believe that having a supportive OB will truly help you achieve your desire to have a VBAC:) Let’s keep in touch!

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  21. Hi Cathy,
    Good day. I am literally crying while reading your post. I am so frustrated with my situation that I could not get support from my decision for trying VBAC. I am almost 7 months pregnant with my 3rd baby. My first baby was delivered through c-section last 2007 due to her umbilical cord tied in her neck after 4 years I got pregnant again but was miscarriage. Now, I really really really want to try VBAC cause I don’t want to experience again the pain,trauma and process/time of healing from the C-section.

    Also, my first baby has mild autism which also add up to my worries not to have c-section again, although they said that it has nothing to do with my c-section procedure I still believed that it is one of the factor.

    I discussed this with my current OB which is different from my first. She said that I can do VBAC and discussed the risk of doing so but she really did not encourage me to try (She just discussed/explain). After a month I came back and then asked my quotation for my delivery and she quoted immediately the price of C-Section. I then again opened up that what if I want to wait until April 10 (which is the birthdate of my first daughter) my due date is April 5th. She said you will experience labor and might undergo emergency caesarean and might cost a lot for you.

    I was so down because from that answer I know that she is doesn’t approved me undergoing VBAC. Although, yes, financially I might have issue but then again me and my husband is trying to prepare as much money as we can to support my VBAC.

    I hope you could help me, any advice will do.

    Thank you

    • themilklady says:

      Hi, i totally understand what you are feeling right now. I had to talk to several doctors before i found my ob who supported my vbac plans. If you can still change ob and u live in davao hehe, please see dr. Estuart. She might be able to help. But u have to be determined to go for it. Yes there are risks but even having a CS has risks. We can meet if you want if you are from davao:) god bless thanks!

      • I’m currently residing in Quezon City but if I can find peace in Davao for my VBAC I’ll be happy to fly. ^_^ I just probably need to plan it well. Can I get your email address Miss Cathy? I really appreciate your response.

        Thank you so much.

        – Rosana

  22. Fritz says:

    who is your doctor? and what hospital?

  23. PreggyMom says:

    I’ve been researching online about VBA2C. I was cut open in 2002 due to prolonged labor and my cervix didn’t progress. Hanggang 8 or 9cm lang. My 2nd was an elective kasi I chose to be cut open on my husband’s birthday para sabay sila ni baby. But I was really decided na for VBAC that time. Jan 2013 when I gave birth to my 2nd, then now I am pregnant again. 1yr lang pagitan, and my OB discouraged me to have a VBAC. If I want daw I need to see a different OB. I’m currently 3months pregnant. I really want to have VBAC kahit masakit ang labor pain.

    • themilklady says:

      Hi Preggy Mom,

      I admire your courage. It takes a lot of courage to really go for VBAC, especially after 2 C-sections. My second and third baby were 1 and a half years apart. At first I was scared because of the short gap, but I researched and found that there are other stories of successful VBA2C in the Internet. Dr. Darlene Estuart was supportive, and now I’m convinced that it’s possible. How can I support you?

  24. diyowna12 says:

    Hello milklady.. Been google-ing for so many days now and been researching about VBAC and found blogs and sites abroad but I could not find one here on the philippines and thank God I have found your blog and gave me hope and encouragement, btw I am not yet pregnant again, I gave birth last year to a baby boy through CS which is my most regret giving into a scare tactic of my OB who is my dad’s friend I have been seeing a very good OB in Singapore where I resided with my hubby and because of our work. i went home when I was 6 month pregnant and does not know any OB which my dad suggested me of her. She was very different from my OB in Sg and doesn’t examine me thoroughly and during my last tri check ups with her she would joke around “lika is CS na kita pwede na yan” knowing it was only my 37th week. But I jokingly respond “di po gusto ko normal” I was scared of Cs coz I have beem assisting dr’s during CS op by the way I am a nurse and seeing how they cut open, retract and sew them afterwards and took hours there scares the hell out of me. Anyways to cut the story shorter One week before my due date I had very little amoumt of liquid coming out and didn’t have any contractions I know it was normal but There’s a moment when I observed I was getting more wet and thought maybe I was leaking my BOW already to ease my worries and my mom’s worries we went to ER to have it checked my OB said It was my bow already and I am at 2cm baby’s HR is within normal rate. She said I’ll prepare the OR mabilis lng yan mga 1 hour lang u’ll see ur baby na… i told her We wait more time ‘cos i wanted a normal delivery then she scared me saying baka mainfect na baby and mastress pag naghintay pa and para di ka na maglabor.. So I gave in.. My OR experience is the worst most traumatic ever. I was inside the OR 11pm i heared my baby cried at 11:26pm but didn’t get the chance to see or touch him just heard my OB said “suction nyo na yan” then Afterwards I was weeled in the recovery room the nurses checked my diapers and noted it was soaking wet so they put Ice pack on my tummy and massaged it then they said mu uterus is soft I heard them chatting to report it to my OB and as theay are waiting for my OB’s order through txt my OB btw left the hosp already. i was still calm and groggy then I was already shivering I can feel my jaw’s sound as I shiver then I told the nurse she turned off the ac and gave me blanket then I felt like throwing up I told her and I vomitted twice they are not alarmed of my shivers and vomitting episode for they say its normal. Came my OB injected Oxytocin and metergin in my IV to contract my uterus I then asked her when can I go back to my room she said soon sleep first. Then I heard her told the nurses to wheel me in my room after 15-30mins then they still check my uterus massaged it asked me to stimulate my nipple then brought my baby to me for breast feeding but he won’t then i overheard the nurse from nursery saying my baby just finished feeding formula milk. The nurse said to the other nurse let’s wait 1 more hour before we brought her to the room. When it is time for me to go back to my room I vomited again on my way in the hallway. And another one when I am on my bed in my room. Next day I only got to see my baby in the afternoon. Then After that experience i swear I would not want to experience Cs again ever.. So traumatizing for me. i felt depress after bec of a failed NSD. But i still want to have another baby But i am scared When I decided to get pregnant again that I have to go though all of that again. but I was thankful to have seen this blog so empowering. i hope someday I’ll have my VBAC baby too! God Bless Us mommies and to you Miss milklady. 🙂

    • themilklady says:

      hi jonah, i can very well relate with your story. this blog is really meant to encourage mommies like us who underwent CS and had a not-so-good experience. and yet, we see hope that things can be better in our next childbirth. for me, i had to go through it twice before i finally had my natural childbirth experience. i pray that with this blog and our connection, we can learn from each other. information is available. you can ask for support. i searched the net for all the positive stories on vbac. i found lots and found women who are so open to helping. don’t be afraid to ask help:) now is the best time to do research while you’re not yet pregnant so that by the time you’ll be ready for the next baby, you are equipped to make the right decisions. i’ll be here for you. where are you based now? let’s keep in touch! thank you for dropping by!

  25. Myka says:

    Hi..can you recommend a good cbac doctor here in manila? Ive had 2 c-sections already.last one was december currently 12 weeks pregnant and my lmp is jan 2015.i asked my doctor if there’s a possibility for me to give birth naturally but she just said mahirap daw since 2 cs na ako.mas madali nmn daw recovery ko since scheduled cs ako sa january..i really want to try vba2c kaya lang gusto ko makahanap ng supportive and good vbac ob..hope u to hear from u soon! Thank you! 🙂

    • themilklady says:

      Hi Myka,

      Thank you for sharing your concern to me and dropping a note. If you can read Pari’s story in this blog (, she gave birth last year at St. Luke’s. Her OB is Dr. Christine Tantonco. You might want to check her out. It depends where you live though. I can also refer you to another OB, but she practices in UP Manila. What were the causes for your 2 C-sections? If the reasons for the C-sections were not medically related, I think VBA2C is possible:) There are many successful VBA2C stories on the Internet. It’s good to research to build one’s confidence and belief that YOU can also do it:) Hope to hear from you again!

      • Myka says:

        Hi Cathy!

        Thanks for replying! 🙂 Im from taft manila so mas malapit saken ang UP manila..although i was thinking of going to st.lukes global kahit malayo since madami na ako nabasa tungkol kay dr. Tantoco and nakapag deliver na xa ng vbac.. ( yup, i read pari’s blog na po.. 🙂 ) mejo hesitant png si hubby kase mejo malayo lng samen.. Aside from looking for a vbac supportive OB kase xempre i want someone na tlgang nakapag paanak na thru vbac…at least exprerienced na tlga..pero if the doctor from UP manila has successful vbac deliveries na po, then i might as well try na din.. First cs ko di na po nag open cervix ko..hanggang 3cm lng..kahit after iputok nung waterbag ko..di pa rin nag progress..feeling ko kase since pag dating ko sa hospital, pinahiga na nila ako…kung nakapaglakad lakad pa cguro ako bka nag open pa cervix ko.after 4 yrs i got pregnant again, i asked my ob of pwede vbac and she said yes basta daw mas maliit ang baby dun sa nauna…after my last ultrasound nkita na malaki daw si baby kaya nag decide xa na i-schedule na lng daw cs ko..di na ako naka reklamo though until sa scheduled date ko i was hoping mag labor ako.. 🙂 that was dec im pregnant again and my due is jan 2015..feeling ko mejo maikli ang time frame para mag heal ung last cs ko pero gusto ko pa rin tlga mag vbac..asked again my ob pero sinabi nya na since 2 cs na..mahirap daw..anyway scheduled cs nmn daw kaya mas madali daw saken..concern ko kase pag na cs ulit ako,bka mahirapan ako magpagaling since sobrang kulit ng baby boy ko then may maliit pa na aalagaan..wala pa nmn kame yaya ngyn so gusto ko sana ung kahit papano makakagalaw ako ng hndi inaalala na may tahi ako sa tummy..hala..ang haba na ng post ko.. 🙂 pls let me know po ung doc sa UP manila and if alam nyo kung may successful vbac delivery na po sya. 🙂 thank u!


      • themilklady says:

        Hi Myka,

        I’m sorry i wasn’t able to get back to you right away. Dr. Stella Jose ang name ng OB that my OB here in Davao recommended. Although di ko pa siya na-meet and nakausap. VBAC supportive siya. Hope you can visit her personally and tell her your concerns. For me, having a supportive OB will really help. Kung di kay Dr. Estuart, I know I won’t have a successful VBA2C kc 1 1/2 years lang pagitan ng second and third babies ko. When I had an ultrasound, manipis yung scar but my OB didn’t scare mi na di pwede i-try mag-VBAC. And so far ang third baby ko ang pinakamalaki sa lahat. Of course mabuti kung maliit ang baby mo para masmadali to push but it doesn’t mean you can’t do VBAC if malaki siya. Hope this helps. Thanks!

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  27. judith says:

    Hi myka!! I read ur blog and i was inspired by ur vbac story. I am due on september 17 and i want to deliver via vbac.. me kakilala b ob mo here in laoag city or ilocos norte na pwede ko puntahan kc kainis ung ob ko, i told her that i want vbac but sabi nya the rule daw n once a cs, always a cs. This is my second pregnancy by the way, 5 years gap..

  28. Alex says:

    This is my second pregnancy na po. I’m based in Montalban, Rizal. Due date ko is september 5, i went to different care providers na searching for my perfect match sana sa vbac. I’m still attending checkups dun sa original ob ko since this pregnancy, kasi she’s allowed me to vbac pero everytime na magcheckup kasi kmi hindi ako kumbinsido na tlagang pro-vbac xa. we only have like 3-5 minutes to talk kasi madami xang patients and most of the time around 40-50 patients. ganun kabilis xa magcheck up kasi meron na xa u/s na nakaready so ichecheck si baby & makikita mo real time na ok xa and all that. dahil may doubts ako, i decided to check the nearest hospital which is public na kakatayo lang nitong January, pumila ako for 8hrs kasi iniisip ko na baka mas maging ok ang response sa akin. the OB was nice, in fact sabi ng ibang mga buntis dun na nakasabay ko sa pila magaling daw xa na OB when it comes to normal deliveries, so I decided to ask her pa din. I was told na ndi daw sila tumatanggap ng vbac patients kasi it would take them 2hours to get the hands needed in case my emergency, so kung dati ka ng naCS, need mo to sign up for elective cs. I was crying when I went home, kasi my expectations were different than what I was told. Hindi pa rin ako nagstop, I researched online and found another doctor na possibly magallow sakin magVBAC. She’s based in Perpetual Succor, OB din xa ng pinsan ko for both her kids pero parehong CS. Nung check up ko, I asked her if possible ako magVBAC, showed her my OB report from my last pregnancy, which is naCS ako due to fetal distress at nagpoop na si baby. She explained everything in detail, including mga risks and benefits but at the end sabi nya mas ok pa din daw ang magpascheduled CS kasi 90% daw ng nagTOLAC e nagend din sa CS and that it would be more costly pag VBAC attempt kasi I have to reserve one operating room in case of emergency which is very expensive sabi ni doktora. From what she said, mejo naintindihan ako and submitted myself na for CBAC, although meron kami ipon for this VBAC attempt, di ko lang ma-assure kung kaya ko ba itake ung fear of failed VBAC which would result to CS ulet. I needed to talk to someone regarding this, kasi kahit nag consent na ako for CBAC, my mind is still telling me na go for VBAC kasi meron ako daughter turning 4 this august and I want to be able to take care of them w/o thinking the pain on my tummy. Hindi ko alam kung nagiging selfish ba ako dahil sa gusto ko pa din magVBAC pero I feel like this would give me the healing I need from the trauma I experienced with my last pregnancy. I hope you can give me advise po.

    • themilklady says:

      Hi Christine, I’m not sure if I was able to respond to your email, but this is super late. How are you? Hope you found another OB to support your preferred childbirth. God bless you!

  29. Angel says:

    Hi Ms. Cathy! I’m pregnant with my 2nd now, only 10weeks pa lang pero I’m really aiming to have VBAC! My OB naman said tingnan namin pag dumating dun sa point na yun. Do you know any VBAC friendly OB in St. Luke’s QC? GLobal kasi is too far from us 😦 I want sana Dr. Tantoco rin kaso sa Global lang ata siya?

    Anyway, I hope you can suggest an OB for me!

    Your story is super inspiring!! As in. You don’t know how much you inspire me in pushing for a normal delivery 🙂

    Thank you!

    • themilklady says:

      hi angel, i’m glad that you are choosing vbac for your second child:) however with your current OB’s response, I don’t think she is open to vbac. as for vbac friendly ob in QC, for now wala akong alam. I know one from UP Manila–Dr. Stella Roble. Not sure how far is that from your place. Hope you can find a supportive OB. Personally, I had to talk to 3-4 OBs just to find the right one. Please let me know if you will find one. God bless!

      • Angel says:

        Oh my. Ganun ba? 😦 Deep in my heart i want to find another OB sana. When is the latest time I can switch OB? Sa Fairview kasi kami. And Global is really too far hehe but if wala akong makitang supportive OB sa SLMC QC i might transfer there na lang. I left my email address here, it would really mean a lot if we can communicate via email? hihi Thank you for you time! God Bless!!

  30. Hi Cathy,

    I don’t know if you can remember me but I did it, I had my VBAC. I was able to give birth with a bouncing 7 lbs Baby girl. oh and ALL NATURAL (no meds what so ever!!!)


    I just want to share:
    Aside from trusting God, my Body and my daughter that we can give birth naturally.

    God gave me this wonderful people who helped me through out the journey.
    Ms. Betty is a Doula who is willing to help you all out. I promised she is worth a visit.

    The birthing home which I gave birth with.
    Don’t underestimate what they are capable of. Please visit the place and you will for sure know what I mean.
    FYI: They are VBAC friendly midwife. After a month that I gave birth another VBAC Mom was successful

    Mommies, I am also willing to help. Let me know if you need any further information.

    Always Trust GOD. He will guide you.

    – Rosana

  31. Can you recommend a doctor from Manila or QC who advocates or supports VBAC? Your story is very inspiring. im 26 weeks and would like to try VBAC. ty

    • themilklady says:

      hi, thank you for reading my site. my OB referred her friend from UP Manila, Dr. Stella Roble. I suggest you see her personally and see if she can be a supportive OB for your VBAC plans. Please let me know if you need more info. God bless!

  32. jenjenakosijen says:

    Hi! Sobrang nakakainspire ang story mo. When i first gave birth, it was via CS dahil overdue na ko ng 3 days based on my LMP and as per my OB, nagcocontract na ako pero hindi bumubuka ang cervix, kesyo nauuna daw ang shoulders ni baby. Daming scare tactics ni OB so dahil nanganganay ako and we were very concerned about the baby, nagpaCS na ko. I got pregnant 3 years after and i immediately mentioned to my OB na i want to try na maglabor pag manganganak na. At first nag-agree siya, but then, nung malapit na ang due ko, she mentioned na masyado marami risk, i had GDM kasi pero the baby was healthy naman. She said na mataas ang possibility ng uterine rupture and since naCS na ko on my panganay, it only means na hindi ko talaga kaya magnormal dahil maliit sipit sipitan ko. And pag naemergency CS ako, mas lalaki bill namin sa hospital. Dahil hindi siya supportive and wala na ko time maghanap ng bago OB, at takot kami ng husband ko na magbayad ng malaki, ayan, CS ako ulit. Pero if God will give me the chance to get pregnant again, itatry ko na talaga mag normal.

    • themilklady says:

      Hi jen, isa lang masasabi ko–change OB hehe. obviously, your OB is not supportive. i have read a lot of CPD (in tagalog, maliit ang sipit-sipitan) stories pero naging successful VBAC sa Internet. Please make your own research para ikaw mismo mag-increase ang confidence mo that it’s possible. as far as billing is concern, if you go for VBAC, double setup ang mangyayari, meaning, you will try for labor (TOL) but in case there’s a need for CS, ready din ang environment. So need to have a backup bag of blood in case and the room is ready for CS operation. may extra fee yun but in case di nagamit ang bag of blood, deductible naman sa total bill. hindi na namin inisip yun kasi nakaset talaga kami ng husband ko na mag-VBAC. Thank God, it was all worth it! Imagine, CS operation is more than 100K while normal delivery is only 30K, minus SSS pa na 15K, so total nagastos namin was only 15K for the childbirth:) while you are not yet pregnant, do your research so that when the time comes when God will give you another baby, super sure ka na sa decision mo. All the best!

  33. jenjenakosijen says:

    Yup, as early as now naghahanap na ko ng supportive OB na malapit lang din sa min. I am actually leaning towards hiring a midwife na lang. One of my officemates kasi gave birth last week, home birth siya. I told her to ask her midwife who was fro Shiprah Birthing home in QC, if may experience na siya sa mga mothers who wanted to have VBAC or in my case, VBA2C. And the midwife said daw na Yes, she actually help 2 mothers na to give birth VBA2C. So i have a back up plan in case wala akong makitang OB dito in the south na willing. Super super naiinspire ako sa yo and sa mga women na naging successful ang VBAC kaya sana mapasali ako sa group niyo 🙂 Thanks and God bless Cathy!

    • themilklady says:

      Yes, Jen, if you can find a midwife pwede din yan. I approached a lying-in clinic, but they told me that their facilities are not enough for any complications a VBAC may pose. so di nila ako tinanggap. i also thought of a home birth but again i wanted to go for safety first since VBA2C ang sa akin. in case I needed an emergency CS, I thought giving birth in the hospital is still best. So naghanap talaga ako ng supportive OB para magawa ko ang gusto ko, and that’s what happened:)

  34. Angel says:

    Hi Ms. Cathy!

    Me again, sorry hehe doing my research and stuff. My scar kasi outside is a low vertical incision, not sure what type inside (i read they can differ), Nabasa ko rin kasi mas mataas risk for uterine rupture pag vertical yung cut kesa horizontal? so does this mean, not a good VBAC candidate na ako?

    Thank you!

    • themilklady says:

      Hi Angel,

      Ganon din ang cut ko (low vertical) co’z when I asked my OB if pwede bikini cut, she said emergency CS kailangan ko, so yun ang nangyari. But if I’m not mistaken, horizontal ang sa loob or a bit of a U shape. I’m OB was fine with that. To make sure what incision you had, I suggest you get your hospital records. Your OB will need it as well. God bless!

      • Angel says:

        Oh my! You gave me hope once again! 🙂 Yes, same explanation rin sakin, emergency CS daw, and macrosomia baby so hinid kasya pag bikini cut. Thanks so much! will contact her secretary so she can request my OR records, I tried to get it on my own kasi sabi ni hospital they need the doctor to request for it.
        BTW, I patterned my birth preferences to yours 🙂 I do hope my OB will respect it.

        Thank you so much again!

  35. Myka says:

    Hi cathy! Ung doc sa up manila us it dr stella jose or dr stella roble? 🙂

  36. Jane P says:

    Awww this is such an inspiring story..i had a c section 7yrs ago and now im 8 weeks pregnant and im debating in my head if im gonna try vbac or not.. im scared but reading your story makes me wanna try it 🙂

    • themilklady says:

      Why not? It’s a healthier choice, Mommy Jane:) Some OBs say that it’s risky to have VBAC, but having a major abdominal surgery (CS) is even riskier. Good thing you are still 8 weeks preggy. You still have a lot of time to do your own research and be empowered to choose what birth is best for you. It takes a lot of clarity, belief, and determination to pursue it though. Choosing a supportive OB is also very important. Please let me know if you need more info. I’ll be more than willing to share. Take care!

  37. jovy loren zapanta-arsenal says:

    Im so glad reading your blog.ive been searchng vbac stories & thanks that my desire of natural birh aftr cs is so inspired me a lot..
    By the way, concerning about the cost of having it expensive or can i avail a normal maternity package?

    • themilklady says:

      Hi Jovy,
      Thank you for your message. If you’re going for a VBAC, your doctor will tell you that you need to have a double setup. This means that you can do TOL (trial of labor) but there’s a setup for CS in case you need to have one. So with this, the cost goes higher compared to a natural childbirth. Not sure about maternity package. You might want to ask your OB about this so you will know the fees upfront. In my case, my first VBAC was way cheaper than my CS, of course. Hope that helps:)

  38. Dory says:

    Hi Cathy! Thanks so much for this very informative post. Im a first time mom at 35 weeks and reading up so as to avoid CS. Can I check with you when your water broke? Im prepping myself what to expect. By the way, this is very inspirational and I admire you so much to have been so relaxed. I will remember you when Im in labor. 🙂

    • themilklady says:

      Hi Dory,

      Thanks for dropping by my site. In my 4 childbirths, iba iba ang time when my water broke. During my first, on my due date my water broke. Felt the popping feeling, then the water came out like nagwee-wee ako. With my second and third childbirths, my water bag didn’t break. It was my OB who broke it when I was already in labor. With my fourth childbirth, I was already on the delivery table when my bag broke. Hope that answers your questions. If you need more support, just let me know:) God bless!

  39. Karina says:

    Hi the milklady,

    Been reading your blog about VBAC several times. Just like you, i feel that I was forced to give birth via CS. I’ve been looking for a VBAC advocate here in Manila but can’t find one. Hopefully, I can find one soon since we’re already planning to have another baby by end of this year.

    Thanks for sharing your story. 🙂

    • themilklady says:

      Hi thanks for your encouraging words. You can already start looking around as early as now. Ask for referrals from fellow mommies. A supportive OB is really important in having a successful vbac:) God bless you!

  40. MommyChel says:

    I’m pregnant with my 3rd now. I had 2 previous 2 C/S. The 1st was due to cord coil while the 2nd was a repeat C/S (masyado pa raw kasi malapit ang pagitan so di pede VB). Now, I’m hoping to have a VBA2C but after my 1st check-up with my current OB (my previous OB already retired), hindi raw pede kasi 2 nang C/S. Pero gusto ko pa rin sana i-push. May chance pa kaya? Should I talk to my OB again? 8years na sincr my last C/S.

    • themilklady says:

      Hi mommy chel,

      Eight years is a long time already. If you can check with other Obs who are open to Vbac, please do so. Im confident that it can be done. Just have to also make sure all options and details are on your advantage. Where are u based now? Hope to hear from u. Stay connected!

      • MommyChel says:

        I am currently based in Laguna, particularly in San Pablo City. All my medical records from my 2 previous C-sections are at the same hospital. I am actually looking for other OBs na may experience na with VBAC, I also asked other moms sa office pero wala silang ma-suggest pa as of now. I am still looking for other OBs, sana talaga may makita ako kasi I really want to push through with natural birth this time for lesser expense and faster recovery rin. Thanks for the response. Sana may ma-suggest ka na malapit sa area ko or baka may kilala yung OB mo? It would really help me. Thanks again.

  41. Cherry Lyn Bautista says:

    Hi Ms. Milklady,
    I am not sure if you can still read my comment since this blog is almost 5 years ago but I’d like to try my luck. 😊 I am 8 weeks pregnant with my second child now. My first was delivered via CS due to meconium stain. Since then, I planned that if I will have my second baby, I want it to deliver in a natural way so I decided to have atleast 3 years gap but my second baby came a bit earlier, it will be 2 years apart by the time I will give birth on January. So I started to lose hope that I will not be able to deliver naturally. I kept on reading and fortunately landed on your blog. It gives me hope! 😊
    I now have my OB but I don’t think she would allow me to do VBAC so I am planning to try Dr. Estuart as you have recommended. I will visit her within the month and try to ask f I am a candidate but one thing that bothers me, I had a lower vertical incision. 😢 But I am not sure what’s really my cut in the inside as what others say, the cut on the outside doesnt automatically mean that its also your cut in the inside. Keeping my fingers crossed.
    Anyway, I have read that you gave birth at Brokenshire Hospital, I am also planning to give birth there too, but I do plan to avail the maternity package plan. Is it possible for VBAC? And worst comes to worst (God forbid) , if emergency cs really needs to be done, is it the same price with usual CS rate? Because I have read on one of the forums that emergency cs is quite expensive than the usual cs, is that true? Actually I am also taking into consideration our financial capacity, I am afraid, trying VBAC is more expensive in all aspects (hospitalization and professional fee) because of its risk. But I am still praying that I can do VBAC, I am positive on it and I know God will lead me the way.
    I hope I could still receive a reply from you Ms. Milklady Thank you.

    • themilklady says:

      Hi cherry

      Thanks for dropping by. Hvnt updated this blog but i try to answer as much as i can if i get emails like yours. Re your concerns:
      1. Age gap betwn cs n vbac-My 2nd and 3rd children’s gap is only 1 1/2 years and yet had a successful vba2c.
      2. I spent 30k for double setup in brokenshire. Got the exec room pa.
      3. Not sure with the package if they will allow double setup tho. Pls ask dr estuart:)
      4. I also had low vertical incision. Best u get a medical history/record of ur surgery n bring to dr estuart wen u see her.

      Lastly, if u get dr. estuart thats half of the battle won coz she had assisted in giving vbac to 2 of my referrals. But the other half is up to u. Be clear u want it and “train” hard for it, meaning exercise, eat well and visualize the perfect vbac:)

      Hope that helps:)

      • Cherry Lyn Bautista says:

        Wow!! thanks for the swift reply Ms. Milklady. ☺ Yes I really want to do VBAC thats why reading your story gives me hope. And good thing, I didnt have a hard time looking for pro-VBAC OB, thanks to your referral. My only concern now is the cost, I am afraid they wont allow me to avail the package and not able to afford because I need to reserve an operating room. Actually I am saving for the CS package rate (cos I am expecting my current Ob will say repeat cs) but because of my request of Vbac it might go higher than I expect. I will just visit Dra. Estuart and ask her about this. I discussed it with my husband last night, he is on my side and I am sure he will help me prepare financially. By the way, is the P30k your payment for the double set up only or is this your total bill? When did you give birth Ms. Milklady, is it last 2012? I believe it already doubled its price by this time.. 😢

  42. Ann says:

    Hi Milkday,

    I was looking for an OB doctor in Brokenshire hospital when your blog appears in the google search result. Then, I read through it about VBAC. I never heard of it before. I was on CS on my first baby. I am on my 32nd weeks for my 2nd baby and already decided to have a CS since that’s what my OB told me here in Cavite. Our plan has changed and I need to give birth in Davao City as most of my sisters are there that will assist me. Then, I searched for the number of Dr. Estuart and spoke to the secretary. I am now thinking to have a VBAC and will open up to Dr. Estuart when I will meet her.
    I am still in Manila as of this writing but will be going back to Davao next week.

    Thank you for this informative blog and I will start to assure myself that I can do it.

  43. Karina says:

    Hi Milklady! Your blog is one of those that inspire me to do a vbac. Luckily I find an OB in St. Lukes QC that is really an advocate of VBAC, thanks to her support.. I was able to deliver a 7.2lbs baby girl via vbac. I really don’t mind the 4 hrs travel time (I live far south of metro) every time I had a check-up.

    To those who wants to try VBAC because they feel that they were robbed by their previous OB the chance of giving birth normally (for whatever reason those OB has)… find an OB that is a true VBAC advocate. With their help and God’s guidance and with your perseverance, you have a good chance of having a successful VBAC.

    God luck.

  44. themilklady says:

    hi karina! im sooo happy for your vbac success. please let me know if you are willing to write about it:) would love to feature your story here:) God bless!

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