“My worthiness, love, and courage create a wonderful, loving, and peaceful VBAC experience for me and my baby.” This was my affirmation all throughout my pregnancy, and I passionately recited it each day to remind me of the kind of childbirth experience I want to intend. I have become a big believer of affirmations and meditation and using positive imagery to create the future that I want. When my mind wander and I occasionally think about the possibility of uterine rupture, I usually bring myself back to my affirmation that I am whole and complete as I was created, that my uterus is as good as new no matter what the ultrasound indicated, no matter what the doctors say. Believing in my body and what it can do is something I have to resolve within myself. I knew I can give birth naturally, but I haven’t really done it. A well-meaning friend even asked me the percentage of me having a natural childbirth when I haven’t done it before. Without batting an eyelash, I told her 100 percent.

True enough, I have proven it in my amazing childbirth. I did a lot of research, read a lot on the subject. I read over a hundred VBAC stories and focused on the positive things that a natural childbirth will bring. I watched VBAC videos in the Internet and even explored hypnobirthing and listened to an audio on relaxation techniques offered in one of the sites. I visualized the perfect birth for me. I envisioned myself on the delivery table in an upright position, Val my husband on my right side holding my hand as I pushed my baby out. And guess what? This was the exact scenario that transpired on the day I gave birth to my VBA2C baby.

It also helped that I was very proactive with my health especially during the last trimester of pregnancy. I watched what I put in my mouth. My diet composed of fruits, vegetables, and fish. Sometimes I satisfy my cravings on sweets but in limited amounts. I also walked a lot. Everyday I saw to it that I walked in the morning and in the afternoon, making at least five rounds around the village park. When my husband joined me in Davao during my last two weeks before giving birth, he was very firm with our walking schedules. He never allowed me to miss it even once. I also attended prenatal yoga thrice a week. I was very willing to do any stretching exercise if it will only help me be more flexible. My teacher didn’t have a hard time convincing me to try anything at all.

Another secret that I believe also brought about my VBAC success was my quantum pendant and quantum flask. I was introduced to the product last 2010, and at first, I didn’t quite believe in it. But when a doctor who specializes on energy medicine explained to me how the scalar energy being emitted by the products actually harmonize with my energy, I opened my mind to the healing effects that it can offer and started endorsing it to my family and friends. I also heard of other pregnant women who wore the pendant and how they gave birth at an amazing speed and with great ease. So when I found out I was pregnant, I found a way to wear it around my tummy and never took it off once during the whole duration of my pregnancy even when I go to sleep. I drank my energized water from the flask the whole time as well. I noticed that I was full of energy and didn’t feel lethargic. Also, I didn’t feel any backache even during my third trimester as compared to my other two pregnancies. I can walk fast as if I wasn’t carrying a seven-pound baby. What’s more amazing was that I didn’t experience edema (pamamanas), which I experienced in my past pregnancies. And during labor, I was holding the pendant in my hands and at the same time kept drinking energized water from my flask. It kept me through during those tough times during labor.

However, I think the greatest challenge for me with this childbirth is facing my fears and fighting my so-called demons. Most of my fears revolved around uterine rupture, so what I did was that I extensively explored the issue. I found out that statistics show that there is a small percentage that this will happen in women who had two previous cesareans; however, if it happens, it is said to be catastrophic both to the mother and baby. With this information on hand, I then asked my OB how fast she can perform a surgery in case my baby is in danger. When she told me she can perform a C-section within five minutes, I was relieved. That was why although I was set to have a VBAC, I was also open to the idea of having another C-section if the situation calls for it. This reality check was important as well to avoid getting frustrated in case things won’t happen the way I expected it.

It helped that I kept a journal and wrote my thoughts about motherhood and pregnancy. My inner peace became my strength, which I think was a big factor that kept me motivated and determined to successfully give birth to my baby naturally.


About themilklady

a mother of 4 wonderful kids. a social entrepreneur. an advocate of natural childbirth, VBAC, and breast-feeding.
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