Life Is Beautiful

It’s amazing how the events of life can overlap and its contradictions can be so beautiful. While my seven-year-old boy Uno is losing his front teeth, my eight-month baby boy Super is growing his. Being the hands-on mom that I am, I not only witnessed these events unfolding before me, I actively participated in them.

One day, Uno came home from school, and he told me that his front tooth was moving. I just assured him that it’s quite normal; however, I got quite panicky when one by one Uno’s tooth was coming off in a matter of weeks. In my mind, I knew it’s part of growing up, but in my heart I realized that my boy is not a baby anymore and he is entering a new phase in his life. It was pretty scary at first, but I have to be brave for him.

Before His Tooth Started Falling Off

When my milk teeth were coming off, it was my dad who pulled them out using a thin thread. After which, my bravery was then rewarded with a cone of ice cream. So in mind, visiting the dentist was never a scary experience. I was always looking forward to it because I knew that at the end of every visit, a cone of ice cream was waiting for me.

With Uno’s first tooth, we went to the dentist. I even took a picture of him. Super stage mom. With the itsy-bitsy tooth, I paid P400. It’s okay for the picture taking and the experience. But when the second tooth was about to come off, I knew better. I told him to shake it all the more until it’s very easy to take it off. With just a little part hanging on to the gum, I volunteered to pull it out with a piece of thread. I mustered all my courage and pulled the tooth out. Good thing it came off pretty easily. My heart was beating so fast, and Uno let out a sigh of relief. With his third tooth, he was an expert already. He did the pulling himself, and so we rewarded him with a tall glass of halo-halo.

My Big Boy

While Uno was rejoicing with his newfound skill, I was also attending to my baby’s crankiness and drools. After all, he is growing up as each day goes by. His two up and down front teeth are coming out one by one. Although he has a slight fever, he was still very playful and was smiling whenever I was carrying him. But he was not that comfortable when he takes his naps. He wakes up after just thirty minutes of sleep and cries, looking for mommy. At night, it was more pronounced. He liked sleeping beside me or on my chest, waking up every now and then. It was me who had a hard time getting a good night’s rest. Based on my research, babies experience this during teething because it is only at night that they settle down and finally feel the pain of the emerging tooth. Other symptoms may be diarrhea, rashes, and loss of appetite. I was wondering when it will end so I can get a good sleep. As of now, there are still four teeth out. Long way to go.

Baby Super learning to drive at 8 months

Even while teething, Super is so playful.

But I’m not complaining. I’m totally loving this stage of my life, my journey as a mother. As I have said, life is beautiful even in this paradoxical events.

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a mother of 4 wonderful kids. a social entrepreneur. an advocate of natural childbirth, VBAC, and breast-feeding.
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