Cesarean Birth Complications

When a mommy is confronted with the decision of whether to have a C-section or not, most of the time when the baby’s health is on the line, the mommy chooses her baby’s health instead of hers. This one decision changes her life, her body—totally! I know that my 2 C-sections did major changes to my body—physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

Other than the basic changes that the C-section would entail, there are several complications unique to a cesarean delivery based on a study conducted by Childbirth Connection in 2012 entitled Vaginal or Cesarean Birth: What Is at Stake for Women and Babies?

1. Operative maternal injury (bladder puncture, bowel injury, or injury to a ureter)

2. Surgical cuts to the baby

3. Reoperation

4. Persistent pain at the site of cesarean section

5. Cesarean scar endometriosis

6. Ectopic pregnancy/early placenta accrete

7. Dense intra-abdominal adhesions

Of course, not all women who went through C-sections go through the same complications as mentioned above. But unfortunately, my friend from Cebu had a life-threatening experience when she gave birth to her third daughter via cesarean surgery last 2009. She thought everything went well until she had excessive bleeding. This bleeding made her weak and pale, so she needed to have blood transfusion. After a series of tests, the doctors found out that her bladder was injured during her C-section. This resulted to her having another operation to solve this complication; hence she stayed for two weeks in the hospital. Due to this, she wasn’t able to enjoy her newborn baby and even failed in her breastfeeding due to the pain she was experiencing during the first two weeks.

The whole childbirth including the complication cost about P500,000. That was why, she had to prepare about the same amount during her fourth childbirth because she had to hire a urologist in case there are complications connected to her third childbirth.

When I asked if they filed a lawsuit against her OB (for her third baby), she said she didn’t take legal actions to avoid more hassle. She just wanted peace of mind, so they let the doctor go.

Hence, one lesson I learned from my experience is unless it’s medically necessary, I think it pays to get a second opinion before deciding to have a major surgical operation. Once you have one, it’s a little more difficult to have a natural childbirth in the next baby. Although there are also several complications unique to vaginal childbirth, if given the chance to choose between C-section and vaginal childbirth, I would definitely choose the latter. That’s why I really fought to have a VBAC, and I am so grateful that I was able to go through such a wonderful experience.




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a mother of 4 wonderful kids. a social entrepreneur. an advocate of natural childbirth, VBAC, and breast-feeding.
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