My Gratitude Journey

We started 2014 with a big blow, a big lesson to learn. With all the awareness we got, it seemed it wasn’t enough to stop us from worrying. Personally, I felt very anxious when December and January came, and we had no sales. On top of that, a client cancelled her policy without notifying us ahead of time.

I can remember that day very well. It was end of January, and I was ranting at Val what we should do. We got into an argument, and we started the day with a bad feeling. The day was a series of bad events happening one after the other, and the culminating event was when Val forgot to lock the car door, and our newly purchased laptop was stolen.

That was really an eye-opener for us, especially for me, not to let worries and anxieties rule over us. When we learned to accept what happened and believe that better things are in store for us, then it became true.

I got a new, free iPad Air, and then a month after, a new client invested a seven-figure investment with us. A few months after, our team’s transfer to the best agency in Philam (SGA) was finally sealed. I think that was a big factor for the team’s success this year because the transfer opened up a supportive system made available for us anytime.

Bigger deals were closed after that—deals we never imagined would happened this year. We were placed side by side with tenured units/agencies because our production was at par with their productions. We ended the year as the top unit in the first-year-manager category. It was indeed a financially rewarding year for us in Philam, and we are looking forward to a brighter year with higher goals for the team this 2015!

If my professional life went really well this 2014, my personal life was equally wonderful. I began to embrace a better side of Cathy, one that is more open and more confident, and not only did I notice the change, but my husband noticed it as well and kept affirming me that he liked the new me better. Our relationship has gone deeper. We celebrated our 12th year as a couple, and I can say that we became more mature and accepting of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We learned to dance with the tune instead of going against it. We found a way to communicate our expectations and learned how to work as partners instead as two separate individuals.

I also embraced the leader in me and began to inspire more people at work and even in my mommy group. I joined Latch, an organization that advocates breast-feeding. Although being part of the group was an adjustment, I being more of an individual player than a team player before, I chose to do it anyway to widen my network and to actually work on my purpose in teaching what I know and give without thinking of anything in return. In short, it helped me to be selfless. I became friendlier and opened myself to new relationships. This greatly improved my interpersonal skills, how to relate to people and build relationships based on trust and service.

This was profoundly demonstrated to me by a friend who came all the way from Australia. Rachelle was a distant friend who visited us in June. She was a breath of fresh air, someone who was out of the ordinary. There was exactly no reason why she came to Davao. I just invited her to come not knowing she would take it seriously. But something called her to do so, so she booked a flight to Davao without even thinking why. But her visit was very purposeful to me and the people she had touched with her stories of life and love. She is such a blessing and a dear friend.

My VBAC blog has somehow gained some following, and amidst my busy schedule, early this year I had committed to express my creativity by writing an article per month. Although I wasn’t 100 percent with my commitment (I was only able to do it 40 percent), this already gave more mommies awareness of the possibility of having a VBAC done in the Philippines. I featured their stories in my site. To date we have six more women who had successful VBAC in different parts of the Philippines. This gave me so much joy and fulfillment, knowing many women have been inspired by my VBAC story. I’m seeing this year more mommies will choose VBAC instead of another C-section, and I’m committing to come up with better articles this coming year as well.

This year was indeed a year of growth. I went back to my first love—reading—and I found myself enjoying and learning at the same time. I found a book by Napoleon Hill that featured a lot of spiritual truths that I can apply not only in my work but also in my family. This year, I see myself consciously doing more things that will add to my growth and being able to share this new learning to my family and friends.

Our health in 2014 wasn’t the best. We saw our kids alternately having colds and coughs. The last part of the year was the worst, or so we thought, when all three of them got measles. It was a challenging two weeks for us. I even came to a point of questioning our decision of not giving them immunization in the first place. But with Val’s research, we found out that it will give a long-term benefit to them because they will be immune from certain types of asthma and even cancer. So it was still something to thank God for. I’m desiring that this year we are healthier than ever, more conscious of our diet and vitamin intake. I want to see us enjoying the outdoors, having fun road trips to nearby areas.

The greatest blessing though came as a big surprise to us all. This year blessed us with another addition to the Domingo family. With all the precautions done, this little surprise managed to sneak in on us. But even though the news was taken with mixed emotions, we slowly realized that nothing happens without God’s knowledge. And though there was anxiety at first, this was eventually replaced with joy and awe knowing that this is God’s way of affirming us as wonderful parents to our children.

So all in all, 2014 was a great year. It didn’t start out so well as we would have expected it, but the lesson we learned from the challenging events that happened eventually gave us deeper understanding on how to be more aware with our thoughts and feelings. Also, we saw God’s wisdom in putting things in beautiful order our personal and professional life by grounding us with spiritual truths. This I think is very important as we expand our tent even further this year, making way for bigger things to come. We are seeing having our own home this year as we welcome another member of the family. We are also seeing a bigger and stronger team in Philam. We are also seeing our purpose being fulfilled and old relationships strengthened and new ones blossoming. I am open and receptive to all good this 2015—health, wealth, relationship, and purpose!

About themilklady

a mother of 4 wonderful kids. a social entrepreneur. an advocate of natural childbirth, VBAC, and breast-feeding.
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