It’s Another VBAC Baby Boy!

All along I thought that with this fourth baby, labor will come earlier than expected. It was not until he reached 41 weeks that my baby boy decided he wanted to come out. I was somehow expecting him to arrive at the end of April. But only God and my baby know when the real date was going to be. All along it was May 13, 2015 . . .

When friends ask what’s the difference between this pregnancy and the others, I would knowingly answer that this one’s more “sensitive” or “challenging.” I mean, I have relatively easy pregnancies. Aside from the queasy feeling during the first trimester, I’m up and about during the rest of the months. However, with this pregnancy, I felt my skin was more sensitive than usual. Insect bites turned purplish, which resulted to scars. I also had itchiness in some areas, which was more pronounced than usual. In addition to this, I found out that baby was in transverse position so late in pregnancy (35-36 weeks). This really scared me a lot! And lastly, I had to undergo NST to check if he’s okay at 40 weeks and 6 days or else I will have another scheduled C-section. What a roller-coaster ride it was! Thank God, my baby came out naturally, and I had another VBAC baby boy once again!

May 11

I’ve been receiving a lot of greetings from mommy friends like “You haven’t given birth yet?” already, and the pressure of giving birth didn’t help to start labor. I’ve tried several natural ways to induce labor, and still nada. So I went to my OB for my (hopefully) last checkup. She was quite alarmed that I’m on my 40 weeks and 6 days. When she did an internal examination, it showed that my baby was still high and floating and my cervix was still closed. Since my last ultrasound showed that my baby was lying in transverse position, I was a bit worried when she said the head is leaning on the right side, though in cephalic position already. She advised us to have an ultrasound to make sure the baby is doing fine; otherwise, I will have to be admitted and undergo C-section. If baby is okay, we can still wait until 42 weeks. I was silently praying that all is well because I really wanted to have a VBAC again.

We waited for 3 hours for our turn in the ultrasound, but it was worth the wait when we found out that baby was okay and all metrics were normal. I had to undergo NST (no stress test) just to make sure baby is moving and heartbeat is normal. The other doctors were asking if I didn’t want to be admitted after knowing I was already 1 day short of 41 weeks. I firmly told them I’m going to wait for labor. I was ordered to have another NST on Wednesday if baby won’t come out yet.

May 12

I woke up and determined to really walk and start labor today. My family was really supportive. They walked with me around the village. Afterwards, I went ahead with my errands and enrolled my kids. I wanted to do that before I go on maternity leave. I took the stairs most of the time, instead of taking the escalators. After a quick nap, I went ahead and walked around the neighborhood again. Come dinnertime, I can feel the contractions and was timing them. They weren’t close together yet, but I can feel them coming. At 10 PM, I decided to sleep and rest for a while so I can have the needed energy. At 12 MN, I felt the contractions coming one after another in 10-15 minute intervals. I got the exercise ball and did pelvic circles every time there was a contraction. It felt good because the ball was firm and was pushing against my sacrum. It lessened the discomfort/labor pains. At around 2 AM, I took some snacks and then I took a bath. My husband said I should stand up more to get the labor going. True enough, the contractions picked up its speed. At 4 minute interval around 3:30 AM, I told my husband that we need to go to the hospital already.


The hospital was quiet when we arrived. We still had time to pray in the car, and I hurriedly put on some makeup. My husband was laughing at me, that I’m the only pregnant woman who is laboring and still have time to put makeup on. I wanted to look presentable in the pictures so I didn’t care. I finished with a pink lipstick before finally going inside the ER. The attending staff wanted me to lie down going to the delivery room, but I requested for a wheelchair instead. I wanted to walk going up like I did when I had my third childbirth, but it’s the hospital rules, she said. So I gave in and took the wheelchair.

When I arrived the labor area, the attending doctor did an IE, and was quite surprised that I was already 9 cm and fully effaced. Thank God, I’m almost going to see my baby! They hurriedly brought me to the DR, and I specifically told them that I want the Lamaze bed, so I can labor in a semi-reclined position. They obliged, and we were waiting for my OB to arrive. It took another 30 minutes before my OB arrived, so I wasn’t allowed to get up. It was a long wait, especially when you’re in labor. But when my OB arrived, the contractions seemed not strong enough for me to push. So we waited while I did trial pushes. I was getting sleepy, but I didn’t want to give in to sleep because I was afraid that my OB will tell me to have CS instead. Finally my bag of waters burst on its own. My OB suggested to recline the bed so the baby won’t have a hard time going down. It was a very good suggestion because right after that, my contractions became stronger and was coming right after each other. My husband was coaching me to push through my core because he noticed I was having a hard time pushing. After 6 pushes, I shrieked when my baby’s head came out. My OB urged me to push once more, then the body came out. My husband took it all in video. It was really amazing! I cried when he finally came out! The feeling was really indescribable! I felt the pain, and yet I was just so happy that he was finally out the natural way. My husband cut the cord, and I immediately took him to my breast to feed. Thank God, it’s another VBAC baby boy!

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a mother of 4 wonderful kids. a social entrepreneur. an advocate of natural childbirth, VBAC, and breast-feeding.
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1 Response to It’s Another VBAC Baby Boy!

  1. mary says:

    Hi, Ms Cathy, I hope you could still remember. I would like to share with you that I had a successful VBAC last Dec.31 2015. Last 2013, after my first csection, I saw your posts and we had small conversations here in your blog. I would like to thank you for your encouragement and advices. God bless you and your family.

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