Waiver of Indemnity

After you and your OB finally agreed to make a go for VBAC, she may ask you to furnish a Waiver of Indemnity, freeing her of any liability in case something happens during or after your attempt to do VBAC.

This might be a little scary, but it’s really more like the waiver you sign when you agree to have a C-section. Since this is not yet fully accepted by the medical community, to have a VBAC is really more of a personal decision. You have to be clear that this is what you want because somewhere along the way there will be challenges. Some of your loved ones might talk you out of it, so it will help that right from the start you are already set that you will do VBAC for this childbirth.

Just to share my own waiver of indemnity I used during my first VBAC, I have posted it here. This should be notarized and given to your OB weeks before you give birth.


I, (name), of legal age, married, and a resident of Davao City, Philippines, states the following in connection to my decision to give birth via VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-section) under the supervision of Dr. __________ at Brokenshire Hospital in Davao City, that

All the medical facts were discussed to me by Dr. _________ pertaining to the risks involved in having a vaginal birth after 2 C-sections.

Dr. ____________ will allow me to go on Trial of Labor with proper and utmost medical supervision.

I have agreed with Dr. __________ to have a double delivery setup should a need to do a C-section arises from any untoward situation pertaining to my delivery.

In lieu of this, I hereby release Dr. __________ of any liability that may arise from any untoward incident in connection to my decision to go on Trial of Labor.

Likewise, I hereby indemnify Brokenshire Hospital, its medical and hospital staff including the medical board and its officers of any liability that may arise from any untoward incident in connection to my decision to go on Trial of Labor.

I acknowledge that I understand the waiver described in this document. Waiver is made to the maximum extent permissible under applicable law. I acknowledge that I have signed this document under my own free will.


Your Name



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a mother of 4 wonderful kids. a social entrepreneur. an advocate of natural childbirth, VBAC, and breast-feeding.
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