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Turning My Baby to Optimal Position

A few weeks before giving birth, 35 weeks to be exact, I was a bit worried after hearing that my baby was in breech presentation (head on the upper part of my tummy while his feet are positioned downward). To … Continue reading

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Making Tough Decisions

For the past weeks now, I’ve been meeting with the mommies in our playgroup. There’s really no structure. We just go there with our babies (and their toys) and enjoy chatting. When Thursday comes, it’s like drop everything and go … Continue reading

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Another Miracle VBAC Story

I don’t know when this started, this passion I have for natural childbirth. All I know is that when I was pregnant with my first baby, I was in love with the idea of talking about it with a group … Continue reading

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Equal But Different

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The other day, a thought came into my mind: Is my third child more special because I gave birth to him naturally and the others through C-section? This question made me go down memory lane and explore my journey toward … Continue reading

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“My worthiness, love, and courage create a wonderful, loving, and peaceful VBAC experience for me and my baby.” This was my affirmation all throughout my pregnancy, and I passionately recited it each day to remind me of the kind of … Continue reading

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My Own VBAC Story (Part 2)

For the past two weeks before my labor day, I’ve been experiencing false labor, noticeable contractions but no regular intervals. I was talking to my baby and telling him/her (I didn’t know the gender yet) to come out already so … Continue reading

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